Honoring Animals that have served our country in war & Peace

 A new award and highest honor to an animal for bravery in both war and peace will be created with a ceremony called the Inaugural Animals in War and Peace Medal Ceremony was held in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill on November 14, 2019. 

Inaugural Animals in War & Peace Medal Ceremony

 A reception and awards ceremony honoring eight unsung animal heroes recognizing their accomplishments in both war and peace. This reception was the first step toward a new Congressional Medal of Bravery to underscore America’s appreciation of the sacrifices and heroics of our  animals who served our country. This American medal is similar to the British PDSA Dickin Medal, “the Victoria Cross for Animals”. The Dickin Medal has been presented to seventy-one war heroes since WW2, with six of them as American heroes.

Six posthumous medals  were given by Members of Congress to Cher Ami, a pigeon in World War I; GI Joe, a pigeon in World War II; Chips, an Army dog in WWII;  Staff Sgt Reckless, the Korean War horse; Stormy, a Marine Corps dog in Vietnam; and Lucca, a Marine Corp dog that served in Afghanistan/Iraq War. 

Two medals were given to two current (live) working or retired dogs representing our  military services or first responders/police dogs for their bravery, service and sacrifice.  These two were Bucca, a New York City Fire Department dog who is the #1 dog in America for accellerant detection; and Multi-Purpose Canine Bass, a Marine Corps forces dog that served with Special Operations (MARSOC). 

You'll learn the details of all of these animals shortly!

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